Assisting In The Serving Line

Isabella Valentin

Dear Friend,

Cooking is one of my favorite things to do which made today one of my most cherished memories. We were allowed to cook lunch for the children, missionaries, and staff –so about 300 people, the largest number I have ever cooked for. Even though we have been practicing our Spanish with the children and fellow adults, we were not prepared for cooking terms. I repeat, not prepared! But it was amazing! The cooking staff showed us how to cut, wash, and make different dishes.

We took turns pressing down the contraption that makes tortillas and placing them on the flattop. We had no clue really what we were doing, but we did it as a team. I think our teamwork shone brightly today by us coming together to create this “mini-thanksgiving.” Nick, Tyler, and I cut vegetables and made coleslaw. Bre, Chelsea, Lexi, Corey, Cameron made the mashed potatoes. Cameron, Corey, and Sr. Barb prepared and cooked the chicken. Each one of us left our station to help the others. And two of us got burned! ☺ Teamwork!

Serving Line

I am amazed by how asking for a name and calling the staff by their name can make an extreme difference. I connected with Lilly and Ofe, two wonderful women who make the best cookies EVER! Lilly is an older woman, who has been working here for quite some time. She works every day to prepare the meals and aids the girls with their baking skills. Ofe is much younger and reserved. The café cookies are her favorite. These two women welcomed us and gave our group direction.

These women gave me comfort and support to keep trying to speak Spanish, although they spoke no English at all. They care for the children so much by working long days in the kitchen and always trying to make enough food for them and I know the children are so appreciative of it. Today I did something I love and sharing it with a total stranger made it even better. A stranger at first, a friend ever after.

Love from Guatemala,


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