Scenery around Valley of the Angels orphanage

Cameron Gallo

Today was our first day at the Valley of the Angels Orphanage. We started out the day with a welcoming ceremony where each of us were asked to share an interesting fact about ourselves, which the kids loved. We then proceeded to a tour of the whole place. The scenery was astonishing, like nothing any of us had ever seen before. Following the tour we had a lunch consisting of rice, chicken, and vegetables before we played with the kids.

Cameron Gallo in photo at left

After lunch we got the opportunity to play soccer with the children. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this event as well as others during our free time. To conclude the day, we ate a dinner consisting of pancakes, while talking to the kids. Overall the day was one to remember.

Photo from Guatemala

Corey Anderson

Our first day at the orphanage went as expected. We were welcomed by the entire body of children after breakfast. This was an interesting experience because all of the children seemed extremely excited to see the mission team. During this welcome ceremony, the students asked many questions in order to get to know us better. Some included questions regarding our favorite animals and colors. After breakfast we attended the weekly mass. Unfortunately, I understood none of the sermon.

Photo in Guatemala with mountains in backdrop

This seemed to be the reoccurring theme of the day. Even during the time we spent with the children, there was a strong language barrier. It was sweet of the children who knew English to translate for us as we spoke to the children. I was inspired by the feeling of community this place presented to us.

Alumnus Nickolas Dietrich playing with children while in Guatemala

Breanne Bergeon enjoying time with children at Valley of the Angels orphanage

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  1. The setting is magnificent and it certainly helps that you feel welcomed and needed. Soak in the facts of this “Land of Trees” and learn from each other and the children. Thanks for being part of this Mission Team.

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