Photo at Mano Amiga with Lourdes group

Breanne Bergeon

This morning was just like every other morning I’ve experienced here in Guatemala. Waking up five minutes before the time we are supposed to be somewhere, quickly gathering our items for the day, and stuffing ourselves full with the amazing meals we’re served every day, has become a daily routine for each and every one of us. Although this morning was similar to the rest, it happened to be different as well.

Inside another Mano Amiga Family Home

We had the opportunity to travel to a nearby town and not only communicate with its families, but to also distribute food articles that they happen to be highly dependent on. It was an experience most are not lucky enough to have.

At Mano Amiga School with Alejandro

Through our broken Spanish skills, and thanks to our amazing translator Alejandro, we were able to learn little details about each and every family we visited. The average number of people living in the houses seemed to be about 7 or 9, a number that seems abnormally high to us but is completely normal to them. Everyone we visited was more than welcoming and each thanked us consistently for our generosity and the work we have/will do throughout our time here.

A Mano Amiga Family Home View

Walking through the town really put everything into perspective. Although many did not seem to live an easy life, everyone was friendly and the community was very close-knit. Their homes were just what they needed; nothing more, nothing less. Each member of the family did their part in taking care of both the house work and each other, something truly admirable. Being invited into the families’ homes was something we were all grateful for, as they were willing to share a part of themselves with complete strangers.

Inside a Mano Amiga Family Home

If there is one thing I noticed throughout my time here, it is that Guatemala harbors beautifully simple communities. Whether it be at the orphanage, Mano Amiga, or the churches surrounding the area, there is only love and compassion to be found. I am grateful to be a part of the community here at Valley of the Angels and can’t wait to see what the rest of this week holds.

– Bre

Enjoying time spent in a Mano Amiga Family Home

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