March 9, 2017
Ashley Erd

Today we started early. At 7:30am we were off on the road heading to our first stop. Our first stop was a house that needed to be power washed. This house was huge and very dirty. Our goal was to get it done before lunchtime, so we all agreed we were going to work together and get it done! Turns out we not only finished that house before lunch, but also a second house.

While at the first stop we met a young man named Raymond. He was twenty-nine years old and was bound to a wheel chair after being in multiple biking accidents. He was so happy he had people to talk to, that his face literally lit up. He was so interested in our lives, wanting to know about them and in return he told us his life story and then some. Raymond shared with us that he was grateful to have us to talk to because; he said it gets lonely and boring  having no one and nowhere to go due to the wheelchair. By the end of our visit with Raymond he was smiling from ear to ear joking and enjoying our company so much so that he asked for a group photo of all of us with him so he could remember the moment.

Later today for dinner we met up with Sr. Mary Jo for dinner. She made us a beautiful dinner that was delicious but a little difficult…this was because she gave us fresh shrimp and all of us had a one-on-one lesson on how to peel a shrimp. It was very enjoyable and we had great conversations and laughs.

Also today before dinner we had one of our team members have an emergency at home with a family member. This individual was very upset and stressed. As this was going on our Habitat leaders asked for our group to join together in prayer. All at once we joined hands and prayed for our team member and their family member. At this moment I knew we were a Habitat family. One of our members needed prayers and comfort and we joined to make that happen. While on this trip we are not only helping those in need, it goes much deeper then we know, or even are aware of. We are building a family, a community and relationships that will always be.


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