March 9, 2017
Kaitlin Schroeder

Going to Lucedale on this Habitat for Humanity trip is not what I expected it to be.  However, this does not mean that it has been unpleasant, as I have been having a blast.  I expected us to be building houses, but instead we have been helping out those who need work done with their houses and yards.  For example, today we helped out two families who needed their homes powerwashed.   Even though it was tough, we still had a lot of fun, and we had the opportunity to talk with the families whose homes we were working on.  Talking with these people has really opened my eyes and made me realize how much I take for granted.   For example, some of the people that I have met can’t move around like you and I can, and while it might be easy for us to get up and decide to clean one day, they can’t do that.  Seeing these people and talking about life with them has really made me appreciate the small things in life.  I was also very happy because Miss Lynn, one of the volunteers that we’ve been working with, gave me a hug right away when she saw me this morning and asked me how I was doing.  Building relationships like this has made me realize that we really can have an impact on those around us, no matter how big or small our actions are.

After we were done powerwashing, we took an afternoon off and went to an alligator farm.  Everybody had the chance to hold a small alligator and look at some of the alligators on the farm.  Then we went on an airboat and went on a swamp tour.  Riding on the airboat around the swamp was very relaxing and renewed my energy levels after working all week.  For supper, we then drove to Biloxi, Mississippi, where we were met by Sister Mary Jo.  She was very friendly towards us and made us feel like we were at home.  Sister Mary Jo is the principal of an elementary school, and her students made us welcome posters, which I thought was awesome.  Even though we didn’t even meet her students, they were also very welcoming towards us, and it made me realize how lucky the Habitat team is.  A  lot of people have been very supportive and kind to us, even in the smallest ways.  These actions have made me really appreciate the little things that I see everyday and make me extremely happy I decided to come on the Habitat trip.

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