March 7, 2017
Asia Moore

When I signed up for the Habitat trip, I did not have any expectations other than helping others. So far, I have experienced helping others and so much more. My first day was exciting yet unraveling. I got to the worksite in the morning unsure about what my role was going to be that day. However, it did not matter to me as long as I was helping. I struggled at first with where I fit in or what I could do to be helpful, but I came to the conclusion that as long as I was doing something at the warehouse, it was helpful. We had lunch at a church and the locals were so nice and appreciative of what we are doing. It is inspiring how nice the people are around Mississippi and their hospitality for people they do not even know. I had no idea coming on this trip that I was going to meet someone in a day that would change my life forever. That person was Lynn. Lynn was the nicest and sweetest woman I have ever met. She made me feel right at home and genuinely cared. I am going to be sad when I leave here because Lynn has made such a big impact on me.

On my second day, I was able to help paint a mural of what Lourdes represents on a wall next to other colleges who have visited. I was working on the mural with Anna and Sabrina, which I enjoyed having that bonding time with them. I love that the mural will always be there as a reminder of the impact we have made in Lucedale.

I came on this trip thinking that my only purpose was to help others, but I have also done some self-reflecting during my experience here so far. This trip has also given me a chance to bond with the other students on the trip and support each other throughout this journey. This trip has definitely put me out of my comfort zone, which in a way has helped me grow as a person. I hope I can do more good in the upcoming days and make a lasting impact. I am grateful for what I have experienced so far, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the trip will bring.

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