March 7, 2017
Stephen Carl

Much of our efforts today were focused on working at the Habitat warehouse.  The morning was a little strange in that our project leader approached me and requested my assistance throughout the morning. All was well until he gave me the reason as to why he wanted MY help. He told me it was because I was a man. He told me that we, both men, are more able-bodied, more able-minded, and overall better at physical labor than the women of our group. As you can imagine this situation caught me off guard and I was not sure how to handle this man’s sexist comment. Throughout the day, some of his comments and actions demonstrated that he actually believed that men are somehow the better sex.

Even though much of our group was aware of his beliefs and attitudes, we were still able to push that negativity aside and get our tasks completed. Collectively, we made great progress on a roof, sanded down a small set of stairs for painting, assembled multiple beds, power washed a couple of houses for past Habitat home recipients in the community, and started a mural (Lourdes themed) that we could leave behind for our friends that we have made in Lucedale, Mississippi. Our team did an outstanding job, especially our female participants, at overcoming this slander and even demonstrated to our project leader that GOD’S WORK IS WORK FOR ALL!

For reflection, our group found the perfect quote. It reads, “When you are in an uncomfortable or difficult situation, realize that either God is doing a work in you, or He is using you to do a work in someone else. There is a purpose. Trust that where you are right now is where you should be.” Like I said above, we were put into a difficult situation, but God knew that it would take a #LourdesStrong Habitat Group to overcome this hardship. I believe today, and even this entire week, that we are exactly in the place we need to be. The journey continues…

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