March 13, 2017
Abby Miller

After a week of warm weather and hard work in Lucedale, Mississippi, we have safely returned to our beloved 20-degree snow showers in Sylvania. It is safe to say that my heart was touched in many new ways throughout the trip, which I’m sure is true for my fellow team members as well. We learned to embrace the situations that God put us in, and trust that we were where we needed to be each and every moment. Our eyes were opened when we saw others who were not as fortunate as we were, and it was our pleasure to joyfully serve them. We bonded with each other, but more importantly helped those who needed it most. I am going to continue reflecting upon the events of the week and be sure to share my experiences with others. I am looking forward to engaging in more service projects, asking the Lord to both work through me and speak to me in new ways throughout my experiences. 



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