Today’s blog writers: Anna Swartz, Regina Proshek, Emily Crain

Anna: Today was day 2. We made it to Louisiana after a long trip and a stop to see Sister Mary Jo Mike in Biloxi. We spent the first half of our day painting and doing inside jobs because it was raining. We all enjoyed lunch and then began our trip to New Orleans. This was an hour full of sing along to a variety of music. Then we were exploring the city and eating some amazing food. Along with the amazing food we were sharing our food with each other so everyone could try some. So far this trip as has been an eye opening experience to get to hear some of the stories of those that live in the Habitat community like we are this week. I am looking forward to getting to know those who are on the trip this year. Let our hands be Gods hands to do his amazing work through the rest of the week.

Regina: Today we only took a half-day to work on the Habitat houses, and the other half we spent on a fun trip to New Orleans. The small group that I worked with this morning was busy finishing putting paper on the floors to protect the new flooring and painting the window frames and doors.  It felt great to get down to work on the houses and see progress be made and tasks completed. Some people, ahem, Tim, especially had fun wandering around to each site while wearing his unicorn mascot like mask and scaring people when he surprised them. Lol, all in good fun. After a scrumptious lunch of hamburgers we hit the road to go explore the vast maze of the grand city of New Orleans. We were able to explore it in small groups and all of its wonders, weird and awesome in all its different shops and streets. One thing I especially liked about the city was how, at least in the area we were in, there were relatively few cars, most everyone walked, on the sidewalk or the streets. Exploring New Orleans was a wonderful new adventure and something that I can cross off from my bucket list, and I am proud of the work that we were able to accomplish during the morning working on the Habitat houses.

Emily: Day 2: Also known as New Orleans day. Waking up this morning had mixed reviews on my part: On one hand, I got to awaken to having the opportunity to work and help out those in need, not to mention the fact that I was aware that I would get to go to New Orleans later that day. On the other hand, I had to peel myself out of bed at 7:30 a.m.  Despite facing the true struggle of life referred to as early rising, I faced the day as eager as always. While working on the Habitat home I have been fixing up for the past two days I was able to get to do some painting, which is something that I very much enjoy. This time was especially fantastic because I did not come out  paint-covered, however the same cannot be said for my cheek (pro-tip: never itch your face while holding a cup full of paint). Working in the house was especially fun today because I was working with people that I am friends with, and working alongside friends always makes time fly. It meant a lot to me to sing along and help carry doors around an empty home so that they can be painted, especially when I envisioned a family living in this home, marking notches into the doorframes to catalogue the growing of children. It is a beautiful thought, knowing that I am involved in such a thing. After we finished with our work today, I had a glorious time in New Orleans. Bee-bopping around with pals is always fun, but being able to explore the French Quarter and buy some excellent items always makes things better. This trip has been loads of fun for me so far, and it has also been extremely fulfilling. Enriching the lives of others is something that I have a passion for and doing it with my friends makes it all the better.

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  1. Truly a mix up and mix in day. Glad you were able to see that what you were doing at the work site was really going to make life different for some one. You may not get to do “splashy” things at the houses but often it is the little things that make a place feel like home. Thanks for taking the time to become a team.

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