Monday, March 11, 2019

Sr. Barb Vano & Tim Broud

After a marathon session on Sunday evening that included unpacking, ordering pizza for dinner, and grocery shopping, we settled in for a good night’s rest wondering what Monday morning would bring.

When we arrived at the build site – just a foundation and the beginnings of a floor, we met 2 Habitat construction workers (Tony and Ray) and the students from Bard College in Massachusetts – and the day began! Tony very quickly gave an orientation and directions and set us to work. Many of us clearly didn’t have a clue of what to do next, but we fell into groups of twos and threes and we slowly figured things out – and we asked LOTS of questions. “Tony, could you help us here?” “Tony, can you get this nail out?” “Tony, someone ran over the water line!!!!”

Francis heard a voice say, “Rebuild my house.”

Over the morning, the sound of hammers tapping away grew louder and more in rhythm. We got to know one another, figured out who was good at each activity (“Elyse, we need more wood cut!”), kept growing in confidence.

Francis heard a voice say, “Rebuild my house.”

Soon members from the First African Church of Goldsboro, drove up with a grill and began to prepare lunch. Their joyful hospitality was contagious. As we resumed working after lunch, frustration set in; the tasks were getting harder. Lauren called out, “We need a ‘serenity prayer’ break!” Stop…breathe…pray…start up again. We got into a routine. The community grew.

Francis heard a voice say, “Rebuild my house.”

Soon the students from Bard finished their task and came over to work with us. We gave directions and the Team grew larger.

Francis heard a voice say, “Rebuild my house.”

Clean up the work site; stop at the YMCA for a quick shower; make dinner and get to know each other a bit better. For evening reflection, Tim had us drawing our memories and images of home and then share our stories – yes, this is what we’re helping to create for others.

Francis heard a voice say, “Rebuild my house.”

Like Francis, what we’re building keeps growing and expanding. We think we’re ready for day two. Stay tuned!

Foundation of a house for Habitat for Humanity in Goldsboro, NC


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