Thursday, March 14, 2019

Habitat 2019: building a playhouse

Lauren Poslaiko, Elyse Schroeder, Sarah Wisser

Lauren – Today we began the morning at the Habitat Warehouse where we were building a playhouse. The plan is that these little houses will be a fun way for volunteers who are unable to visit job sites to volunteer. The house we built was painted blue and green, and my main job was to cut the shingles that my team was nailing to the roof. After the play house was assembled, we went to the main office in Goldsboro for lunch. The fun part came after lunch, when we were able to shower and head to Wilmington!  The group enjoyed some free-time walking around downtown, and dinner on a floating barge. My favorite part of the night was spending time with my friends, both new and old, walking down the boardwalk. We found a man building palmetto roses, and selling them for a donation; they were beautiful, and watching him work was a great way to enjoy the last few minutes of the North Carolina sunset.

Habitat 2019: Measuring and sawing

Elyse – Today was our first day working at the Habitat warehouse after working at a construction site the first three days. For the morning, we helped Alex build a playhouse for kids. This playhouse was the first one built ever by this affiliate, as the playhouses are going to be a new opportunity for people who want to help Habitat out but don’t feel like working at a construction site. I helped to hold trim above and below the windows so that they could be drilled in. After we finished and cleaned up, we went to the main Habitat office to eat delicious chili and cornbread for lunch. We then took quick showers before we headed to Wilmington. When we got there, we had some time to look around for a while and shop. The group I walked around with looked at a few stores and found Nathan and Haley’s special table from “One Tree Hill.” We had a great meal at Anne Bonny’s, which was a floating barge! We got to walk around a bit more after eating, and watched the sun set during our last few minutes there. After returning to the church we are staying at, we did an M&M reflection. Each color of M&M represented a different type of love language, and everyone had at least one M&M so that they could talk about how they had experienced or saw that sort of love language among friends on the trip. It was a very great day, and I am glad to have spent it with such great people!

Habitat 2012: working on the playhouse

Sarah – Every day so far this week has been spent at the construction site. Today was our first day at the warehouse. We spent the morning building outside wooden playhouses for children. The playhouses will be available to sell for those who want to volunteer for Habitat but are unable to perform the physical labor or make it out to the job site. Upon arrival, the sides of the house were already cut and ready for assembly. My main job during the day was measuring and attaching the trim around the windows and under the roof. By the end of the morning, our team had assembled the FIRST playhouse for this affiliate! We were the first team to take on this new project and it turned out great. After eating a delicious lunch at the Habitat office in Goldsboro, we showered and headed to Wilmington. Our team spent the afternoon exploring the town and its numerous boutiques. For dinner, we visited a restaurant on a floating barge located along the Riverwalk. For the rest of the evening, we continued walking around the town. The relaxation time spent with my newfound friends was a nice change of pace after working alongside them all week. The trip to Wilmington was ended with a trip to the ice cream shop before our drive back. Upon arrival back to the church where we were staying, the night was capped with reflection time focused on the five love languages; a perfect way to wind down and prepare for our last day!

Habitat 2019: Enjoying a break

Habitat 2019: hands-on work in building the playhouse

Habitat 2019: Working together on site

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