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What makes a complete meal? As we close down our final day in North Carolina I find myself reflecting on the week. I know I am incredibly blessed and today has proven this even further. I have now experienced a “low country boil”. This is simply a bunch of items thrown in a pot and after it’s done cooking you dump it all out on a table. This was just the cherry on top. This week I have made many new friends and made bonds I will be able to carry forward. Through the lows and highs of the week, today has been an accurate reflection of the entire week. After a hard morning scrambling to finish all we could, we were able to meet the folks we were building the home for, go on a hike, and spend time having fun. To me, this represented the highs and lows of the week. We worked hard, played hard, and recovered together as a group. Our team is like a low country boil. We are all different but together we make a full meal. Breakfast to the world, bringing new light amid darkness. Lunch, being with us through the highs and lows. Dinner finishing off the day, regardless of the “Highs and lows.” Chomp chomp.

Andre in a park


What an interesting final day in North Carolina. As I look back on the week reflecting, I find myself astonishingly experiencing a “low country boil”. It was simply a bunch of ingredients that  got thrown into a large pot that included corn, potatoes, sausage, and shrimp. After the mouth watering feast that Mrs. Teresa and her friends prepared for us, Pete suggested that we could explore the property and hike up the trail on the mountain. So Tim, Trae, Shan, and I hiked up the mountain. While on the trail since we were not really sure on how long the trail was, we decided to hike back down. After we all came back down, Pete took Emily, Jenn, and I to the river to dip our toes in it. The water was so beautiful and crystal clear that you could see all the wonderful wildlife in it like snails, baby fish, and crayfish. The water was very cold but it was nice. This whole trip has shown me how to be more in touch with myself mentally, and when at the top of “Grand Daddy” Mountain, has shown me how God can create beautiful landmarks like the Appalachian mountains.


Lunch at the Worksite   Friday Dinner - Low Country Boil   

croup pretending to fall over

Three students at a stream   Group at the stream

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