Just in these last two days being in Marion County, South Carolina, I have already learned a lot of lessons that I will take with me the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to meet and work alongside Theresa (who the house is going to) has made this experience ten times better and more humbling. Given my previous life experiences, having that time with her was a God-given moment. I’ll be forever grateful for that!

This morning, Madelynn, Elsie, Jack, Dr. Beggs, and I basically picked up where we left off yesterday – installing soffit, which is essentially roofing material. The three of us guys were spotting the two girls who were on a wooden board between two ladders (don’t worry, I made sure they didn’t fall). I was very proud of the girls’ hard work and determination to never give up on it.

Once the roofers came to do shingling, the group went to the housing center, which is in the process of becoming a shelter for disaster relief. Connor, Erin, Dr. Beggs, and I were installing insulation and putting panels up on the ceiling. I said on this trip I wanted to be out of my comfort zone, and that was a moment where my hope came to fruition, because it was something I was terrified of but got used to as the afternoon went on.

In the last 48 hours we’ve been here, this has easily been a life changing experience for me. It’s taught me to continue to think of others before myself. It also showed me how to be even more grateful for non-materialistic things. I like how quickly we as a group got a handle on everything and jumped into it. It’s showed a sense of community that I have never seen before.

Looking forward to the days ahead!


It is hard to describe everything from today. There was so much good: working hard, building fellowship, and taking time to reflect. We arrived at the worksite prepared and eager to tackle the tasks of the day. I was tasked with sawing, drilling, and climbing a ladder too many times to count. I absolutely loved it. Max, the leader of the group, is a very good teacher and is extremely helpful when we ask questions, which is often.

We left the main worksite to go to the Habitat dorms to help work on the inside of it. I installed ceiling tiles and put in insulation at this worksite. It was a very tiring job, but I felt a strong sense of purpose during that time. There is something special about being all dirty after finishing a job, taking a step back, and seeing all the work you accomplished.

I value the time I have been able to spend reflecting on why I am here and how this mission trip will improve the lives of everyone who is involved.



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