What a day it has been! Connor and I arrived to our destination at a quarter after 5 am. I was able to sleep in a little, which was such a blessing! The sun was out, the birds were singing, there was a floral aroma in the air, and the weather was gorgeous! Connor, Jack, and I arrived at the service sight at lunch. There we met the project manager, Max, and a little later we met Ricky, a Habitat for Humanity staff member. Ricky brought us the food and explained how the community helps to provide meals for Habitat volunteers. I am inspired and amazed at how the community comes together to support a great cause.

Different activities that I helped with were making chalk lines to mark where to line up the vinyl starter strips. Following that, I held the vinyl starter strips in place while Connor nailed them into the house. While working and holding the nails in my hand, I was reminded of the nails that pierced Jesus’ hands. With it being Lent, this imagery and reflection was very moving to my heart- just thinking about the amount of love Jesus has for us and the amount of torture He suffered for us.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to help house an individual. I hope to meet the lady who will be living in the house before the week is done.

Throughout the evening, it was nice to see the teamwork between everyone. I am looking forward to how our teamwork will progress throughout the week. Once we were done for the day, Max had us all stand back and look at the house. Every small part we worked on today helped to move us closer to our end goal. I am reminded of how every small act of kindness we do helps to build the Kingdom here on earth. This idea is something I plan to pray with throughout the week.

I experienced “southern hospitality” this evening at dinner. Members from a local church made and shared with us a southern meal called “chicken bog.” The meal was delicious!! At that point in the evening, I was really feeling tired. The lack of sleep and the toll of manual labor started to take an effect on me. I wasn’t able to engage in conversation with those who made the food as much as I would have liked.

We ended the day with a reflection. Jack and I led the group in a reflection called “high, low, God moments”. Each person picked a high or a positive moment, a low moment, and a moment where they saw God working or being present to them. I am thankful for today and am looking forward to what God has in store for tomorrow!



It has been a very tiring, but fruitful, first day here in the Palmetto State. Arriving at 5:15 AM, separate from the rest of the group, drained most of the energy that I needed for working. Although, I was still in a great mood for most of the day because of how excited I was for the work we would be doing. I installed vinyl starter strips and a support beam for the porch. It was not hard work, but I absolutely love doing work like this: working with a united goal to help a family in need. I look forward to the rest of the week as we continue to construct this house for a family, and I am glad to have this wonderful group of people with me to do it.

I am extremely grateful for the wonderful people who fed us supper today as well. They were extremely kind, generous, and welcoming to us. A great start to the week! The food they made for us, chicken bog, was delicious, and I will attempt to make it myself when I get back home. These wonderful people are the epitome of what southern hospitality really is.


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