Today was full of soffit, paint, and vinyl. We started the day off at the dormitory at the Habitat for Humanity shop. We finished putting up the soffit and cleaning the floors. While there, we also got to put our handprints on the wall with paint, and had a nail hammering contest! After lunch at the local sea food buffet, the rain slowed down and we made our way over to the house. We finished the vinyl on the porch and it felt very rewarding, especially after all the challenges we faced up there. We then spent the night at a local church with dinner and very kind hosts!




My blog post tonight, weather wise, is completely different from my blog post on Monday. We faced light rain for most of the morning and into the early evening. Due to the weather, we went to a location where Habitat is building dormitories for future needs (for whoever needs temporary shelter). I helped hold the ladder and move the scaffolding to help put up insulation and ceiling tiles. Dr. Beggs, Jamie, Connor, and I had a good system down for putting up the ceiling tiles and insulation. Other members of the team were helping to sweep, mop, and organize the rooms and main area. After lunch, we went back to the house we have been working on. Again, the weather was not the greatest, but I was so glad to have been able to make some more progress on the house, especially by putting up some siding on the house! Dinner was provided by a nearby church. Again, I am very grateful for the hospitality we have been given.

Due to the ice and snow excepted to come Friday night and Saturday morning, we are only working a half day tomorrow and leaving from the work site. Habitat has two traditions with the volunteer groups that come and do service. The two traditions are 1) a hammer and nail contest 2) painting our hands and painting our names on the wall. The “queen” of the hammer contest was Jenn and the “king” was Connor.

I do a lot of service with homelessness, and I am grateful to gain a new perspective on service for those who are homeless. Being on this trip, I was glad to have been able to use my time to learn and contribute in a new way to serve the homeless.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow personally and to see Christ work in the rest of my “team.”  I hope to continue to develop the relationships I’ve developed with everyone from my trip. Thank You, Jesus, for this amazing opportunity.




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