Thursday, March 12, 2015

Habitat for Humanity Morgantown WV March 2015

Habitat For Humanity

Tuesday, March 11
West Virginia

Day two at the Habitat ReStore

Today was a busy day. We had to clean up the mess we left from the day before. It was a big job to tackle, but it showed me how much a group of people could accomplish when they work as a team. I met many people that I will appreciate for the rest of my life.

Dr. Livingston also visited today! It was a great surprise and very nice of him to help the groups complete our tasks. He encouraged and inspired the group! While he was visiting, we got to meet a family that one of the houses are being built for, this was a great experience and made me more motivated to push through the hard work. I am very excited for our tasks tomorrow and getting to know more people!

Habitat for Humanity Morgantown WV March 2015

Lindsey Manders

Today it was very rainy, but even so it was a fun day.

Yes, a lot of the work was mostly spring cleaning, but since awesome people surrounded me, it wasn’t like they were silly chores. We were painting the walls and I got covered in paint!

Doctor Livingston came over to help, and that was cool. Not that many university professors get involved and travel to different states to support their students.

Once we were done working, our group, as well as the group from Wittenberg headed over to St. Francis church and got showers. It was so nice how the church opened up to us and let us take showers there! All in all it has been a fantastic day, and I am blessed to be on this trip!


The day started on lovely note when Ashley and I woke up and realized we were sleeping on the ground. The air mattress we were sleeping on slowly began to deflate all night and by the time we woke up, there was hardly any air in the mattress at all. Surprisingly, we were still very comfortable. Aside from the mattress being flat, the room was also extremely cold because someone turned down the heat the night before.

We finally got ready, ate breakfast and headed to the restore. Yesterday I spent my time building a shelf for the sinks that they have, so today I wanted to try something new. Most of us spent the day painting and I enjoyed it a lot. I got a chance to paint a few shelving racks which made the time go by very fast.

After painting the shelving racks, I was asked to paint a high part of a wall. I had to confront my slight fear of heights and balance on an extremely tall ladder while holding a long paintbrush to paint the wall around me. I thought I was going to die. By the time we were all done painting, it was time to go. I liked the past few days but I wish we could go build on the worksite sooner. I can’t wait.

Mackenzie Schnapp

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