Pensacola, FL: Habitat

Sunny and 75 is feeling pretty great! Today was our day off and we spent it touring the National Naval Air and Flight Museum and beautiful Pensacola Beach. The National Naval Air and Flight Museum was very interesting and lots to look at. There are more than 100 air craft in the museum that is tucked away on the Naval base. Our tour guide was a retired helicopter pilot that took us around to 20 of the most highlighted aircrafts.

Pensacola, FL: Habitat

We made our way down to the beach where we had a peaceful ocean front picnic as a group. After lunch we all enjoyed some shopping, beach volleyball, and walking along the white sand shore looking for sea shells. This was a great time for us to bond as a group and have fun with new friends.

Our day ended by visiting the Pensacola Habitat for Humanity office. There we got a tour of the office and a short orientation of what is to come this week on the building sites. Our hosts planned dinner for us provided by A Taste of Wind Creek food truck. We were treated to a wonderful meal and dessert followed by fellowship with the habitat staff and another small Habitat group from Harbor, Michigan.

Pensacola, FL: Habitat

Our nightly reflection tonight focused on commination and teambuilding. We are all excited to get to the work site and see what is in store for us. Stay tuned to see how day 1 on the work site goes.

Cassidy Smith, Joe Walker, Eliah Ball

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  1. Glad you have arrived and that the sunshine is welcoming you. So proud of all of you!

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