Pensacola Florida Habitat

Today I learned to do a variety of tasks and I learned a great deal from everyone in our group. Today we braved the warm Florida sun to finish one house for a loving family. We are all filled with excitement to start a new one tomorrow from the ground up starting with a concrete slab.

Today I got the opportunity to use tools like a power saw and power hammer that I have never used before. The amount of group work and new experiences I had today was great and I learned a lot. I enjoyed growing with my friends on this trip especially today.

Today was a beautiful day. I do not want to take for granted the weather we have while knowing that the weather in Ohio is not as great. Today was a fabulous day to finish the basic framework of the house. We were able to finish nailing the house so that it can be inspected. We were able to put in windows and doors which created an atmosphere of home. I was able to use the saw to cut pieces of wood that would be used for support to put in the kitchen cabinets. At the beginning of the day it was just walls with some holes in the walls and roof but now it can be seen as someone’s home. We ended our day by having supper with the community members. We were able to get to know the community members that we are helping out. After our delicious supper, we had refection where we wrote positive sayings about each other. It sounded difficult at first but we discovered that we already know each other pretty well so it was challenging to stop writing about each other. We look forward to start building a new house tomorrow and continuing to get to now each other better.

Kara Duling

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