Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Habitat for Humanity, Pontotoc, MS 2013

Habitat for Humanity

Today we began working on rehabilitating a house for Habitat. The people are very welcoming and the food is terrific. We worked on sanding down walls, scraping floors, and general outside clean-up. We worked hard and had an amazing time. After dinner during some downtime we played an intensely fun game of Sardines. Overall the day went very well and we look forward to continuing to serve the community of Pontotoc, Mississippi.
Hanna M.

Well to start off, the ride down was a long one! We entertained ourselves with movies, snacks, and Ben’s Rocky soundtrack! Once we arrived, we were all excited to see where we would be staying, but most all we wanted food!! A local church cooked a fabulous meal for us and welcomed us with their southern hospitality. Everyone here is very kind and laid back. Working on the house was fun for day one. We are scrapping glue off the floor, sanding drywall, and cleaning outside.

This evening we had dinner that was sponsored by a local church and Father Peter graciously joined us. He is known as the “can man” because he has been collecting roughly 600lbs of cans every month, resulting in $5,500 a year! He donated all of his earnings to Habitat. What a wonderful man! After dinner we came back to the church and did a reflection on the past days and what we thought the week would bring. Then, we played a classic game of sardines for hours!! Sister Barb was a beast at hiding J So far we are all becoming like family and it has been an enjoyable experience!
Emily F.

Habitat for Humanity, Pontotoc, MS 2013
It always amazes me how the trip to the Habitat site can bond a group. It was a long journey but we made it, and grew closer along the way. When we arrived we ate dinner at a nearby church. I can not even describe the amount of food that was set before us, and it was all delicious. We fellowshipped with the members of the church and they were so welcoming, telling us about the city and their own mission trips. There was an animated little girl that had us all cracking up telling us about her animals and family.

At the work site we are starting to put the finishing touches on the house. It’s a nice change from last years project where we were working on the middle stages of the house (siding, windows) to now working on landscape, prepping to paint and lay flooring. Our site managers are so much fun and laid back. It’s awesome knowing that there will be a family that will be able to enjoy our hard work. I’m excited to see what the week brings and how much work we can complete!

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