We have arrived! And with all different levels of experience this year. 1st timers, 2nd timers and the 3rd year-in-a-row timers. We have some with no outreach trips under their belt and others who have all kinds of experiences on their mission resume.

What it all comes down to though is – this we have week ahead of us. With all the support of our community at home, our friends, family, and the community here, we are able to be another small piece in the large Franciscans for the Poor puzzle.

Our host Marcie, goes above and beyond to create the most welcoming place for us in order to make the best possible impact on the community. When we arrived, she took the time to share the history of the house with us, explained our week schedule and then gave us a tour of the house.

After settling in, this trip is essentially on auto pilot. Dinner was prepared and planned out already, our beds were made on arrival, and anything else that was needed could be found labeled in a drawer or closet. If not there, then just a quick phone call away.

Coming to the Tau House isn’t a week away from home. It’s a week back at home.

— Allie Walter, Class of 2015

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