— Molly Green

Today was a busy day for the groups! We woke up extra early to attend Wednesday morning Mass at the church around the corner, and we left for our sites not long after we got back.

My group went to the Forrest Square Apartments and our drive was very short, so we started working at around 9 am. Our job today was to pull weeds and mulch around the apartment complex. We began on the far side of the building and worked our way around to the main entrance. Along the way we developed some tricks to make the process move along quicker, like using a box to put the weeds in after we pulled them, and using the rake to pull up the small weeds. We also had a good system, after the weed pulling was finished in one part, one person would to get mulch and dump it, so the other three would spread it out while the mulch retriever went to get more.

For lunch, we got to go inside and eat with a few of the residents. We had really delicious meatball subs, and we had a long conversation with a resident at our table. Before getting back to work, we played one round of bingo. It was hard for me to go back to work because the residents didn’t want us to leave, they were having lots of fun with us there.

We finished mulching around 2:40 and we got back before 3, which gave us some extra time to get a nap and a shower before dinner. We had dinner at a pizza place called Venice on Vine. This restaurant is unique because it gives job opportunities to people who would otherwise struggle to get a job, like people experiencing homelessness, or people who have been to prison. They’re a nonprofit organization which helps people in need to get a job and requires training in skills that will transfer to future jobs. It was really neat to learn about such a wonderful opportunity for people in need.

After dinner, we had some free time. We also had some leftovers from dinner, which we gave to some people on the street who seemed to really appreciate it. Then, we walked down to the river area where there was a beautiful park! It was a fun experience to share with each other. We got to see how truly beautiful the city is, and we got to have fun as well! We got ice cream to finish out the day and helped a few people in need on the way back and while we were enjoying our ice cream.

It makes my heart full to help people who need it, and I’m so glad to be around such giving people this week.


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