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— Ashley Erd

Today half the group went to New Life Furniture and we worked with a very nice man named Mike. He was very informative, caring, helpful and just had a great outlook on life. Working with him, and his truck, we delivered furniture to two families and picked up donated furniture from two other places as well. All the families were very grateful and happy to see us. It was also beneficial for us as well because we got to see the faces of those receiving the donation of the furniture and it made us realize some things that we take for granted sometimes.

After putting in our hard work we took the night off and headed into downtown Cincinnati to eat at Venice on Vine, a restaurant that employs people who may not have a very good track record or may be homeless and looking for a job. It not only gives them a job but helps get them back on their feet. We ended our night with a reflection as a group talking about what we had learned, some struggles we have experienced and also good things we have experienced or learned while on this trip.

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