— Alexa Burling

My group today had traveled today in the morning to our worksite at Working in Neighborhoods. Working in Neighborhoods is a non-profit organization where they take homes and completely renovate them for low-income families and first time homebuyers. Our day began by working on fixing the fence in the backyard and ended by fixing some minor damages in the basement. This experience was very gratifying, because we worked as a team to get one goal accomplished and then went onto the next goal. In doing this, I felt that I was becoming closer with each one of my group members. It gave us all the opportunity to communicate with each other and reflect upon the week thus far.

During my time at this worksite, I had contemplated about the people who work with the WIN program to get a house. I believe that this program gives people the perfect opportunity to experience stability and responsibility while owning a home. By being a volunteer for WIN, I felt like I was able to lend a big helping hand by making the home look the best it could. I had also felt like I was able to leave behind memories in that home, because our team had put so much work in today and we were able to bond with each other in the home.

Overall, today was very engaging and pleasing. I was able to learn more about how these houses come together and how the WIN organization brings many volunteers in to renovate one home. It made me feel as if I left my mark in that house, which was a very good feeling. I hope that the next family that owns the home that we worked on today has a wonderful experience and enjoys everything there is to offer in their house. I was very pleased to be able to be a part of something so significant today and I am looking forward to doing more volunteer work for WIN in the future and organizations like it!


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