Guatemala 2019 – Take-aways

Day #7 Our time at the valley is coming to an end and it is bittersweet. I expected to spend time with the children and build bonds with them. However, I learned so much from them and they inspired me more than ever. They welcomed me with so much love and care that I felt … Continued

Guatemala 2019 – Departure and Settling In

What were you up to on Thursday morning at 3 am? The Lourdes Guatemala Team was gathering to load up the shuttle and head to Detroit Metro Airport. The long-awaited trip to Valley of the Angels Children’s Home in Guatemala City was FINALLY here! Even the early hours didn’t dampen their spirits. The Team members … Continued

Guatemala 2018: Looking Back on the Week

– by Laureen Knueven Here we are, the end of the week. As I sit here typing this blog in the Salon at the Valley my heart melts thinking about leaving these children, this experience and this time away from my normal routine. So much is going on in my mind right now and it … Continued

Guatemala 2018: Tuesday – A Day in Antigua

– by Anna Zofchak Today was a very nice break for the group. We were able to visit Antigua for the day.  During this time we put aside many of the harsh things that we have seen and experienced during this week.  I sometimes feel that we, myself included, forget that in a short amount of time … Continued

Habitat 2017: Wednesday – Culture Shock or Culture Share?

    March 8, 2017  Joseph Walker The culture shock has been apparent to everyone on this trip.  Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking with some of the women at the church we visited for lunch.  Though we sound different coming from the north, the women and I were able to relate to each … Continued