Habitat 2022: Tuesday – God Moments

JAMIE KLEINFELTER Just in these last two days being in Marion County, South Carolina, I have already learned a lot of lessons that I will take with me the rest of my life. Having the opportunity to meet and work alongside Theresa (who the house is going to) has made this experience ten times better … Continued

Habitat 2020: Monday – Down to Work

SHANNON WHITE and TIM BROUD     Shannon White Today was my third first day on a build site. The third time in a row I have chosen a construction site over a beach for spring break, and doing so with absolutely no shame. Every first day is the same for me- a wave of … Continued

Habitat 2020: Sunday – We’ve Arrived!

ELYSE SCHROEDER and JENNIFER SOUTHERTON   Elyse Schroeder What a day! It has certainly been filled with a lot of excitement. I was full of energy when I arrived on the main campus of Lourdes at 6:15 this morning for my third Habitat Trip!. I could not wait to get on the road! After a … Continued

Habitat 2019: Day 7 and beyond

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Shannon White In case you were wondering, we made it home! When we pulled into the University parking lot on Saturday evening, I was eager to get out of the van and share with the Lourdes community the peace and love of God that I was feeling so deeply after my … Continued

Guatemala 2018 – How does your garden grow?

– by Kristen Guballa   Personally, today was a harder day for me.  Yesterday, while participating in Mano Amiga, I hyperextended my knee and had to miss out on the maintenance project in the garden this morning.  Our team tended to the ripe vegetables and fruits and lent a hand for other various tasks around … Continued

Guatemala 2018: Mano Amiga – A Helping Hand

– by Ainsley Quigley & Hope Rule Day 2 in Guatemala we experienced a lot that has humbled each of us in many ways in just a few hours.  Being here, you experience a lot of generosity, humbleness, kindness, and affection for one another. Today we helped out with the Mano Amiga program.  This program helps families … Continued

Habitat 2018 – Day 6 – Finishing Touches

Today’s blog writers: Shannon White, Asia Moore, Ashley Erd Shannon: I woke up late this morning. This week has been far from easy for me. I walked over to the lunch house to see what my assignment would be for the day. The past few days have been difficult on the work site because I’ve … Continued

Habitat 2018 – Day 5 – Teamwork and Communication!

Today’s blog writers: Kylie Kerner, Yahel Rivera, Lauren Poslaiko Kylie Kerner: Today we were on the worksite and I did sealants and staining of the deck and the side deck.  I had a great time today with all of my friends. We listened to Disney music and we had so much fun.  I really like … Continued

Habitat 2018 – Day 4 – Doors and Streets

Today’s blog writers: Anna Swartz, Regina Proshek, Emily Crain Anna: Today was day 2. We made it to Louisiana after a long trip and a stop to see Sister Mary Jo Mike in Biloxi. We spent the first half of our day painting and doing inside jobs because it was raining. We all enjoyed lunch … Continued

Habitat 2018 – Day 3 – Down to Work!

Today’s blog writers: Abby Miller, Elyse Schroeder, Michelle Konarzewski Abby: This morning we began our journey in Louisiana. It was exciting to meet the people that we would be working with and get a glimpse of the different projects that we would be working on throughout the week. First we met Tony, who is in … Continued