Habitat 2020: Friday – A Low Country Boil

TRAE GAUBATZ and ANDRE SANDERSON Trae What makes a complete meal? As we close down our final day in North Carolina I find myself reflecting on the week. I know I am incredibly blessed and today has proven this even further. I have now experienced a “low country boil”. This is simply a bunch of … Continued

Guatemala 2019 – Introduction to Valley

Day #2 Yesterday (Friday) we ventured out into the downtown area of Guatemala City to hand out food to the members of the community. The project they were hosting was so much like Campus Ministry Labre! It was a joy to see a Lourdes tradition in another country. Yet, the sights we saw were devastating … Continued

Habitat 2019: Day 7 and beyond

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Shannon White In case you were wondering, we made it home! When we pulled into the University parking lot on Saturday evening, I was eager to get out of the van and share with the Lourdes community the peace and love of God that I was feeling so deeply after my … Continued

Guatemala 2018: Tuesday – A Day in Antigua

– by Anna Zofchak Today was a very nice break for the group. We were able to visit Antigua for the day.  During this time we put aside many of the harsh things that we have seen and experienced during this week.  I sometimes feel that we, myself included, forget that in a short amount of time … Continued

Guatemala 2018 – How does your garden grow?

– by Kristen Guballa   Personally, today was a harder day for me.  Yesterday, while participating in Mano Amiga, I hyperextended my knee and had to miss out on the maintenance project in the garden this morning.  Our team tended to the ripe vegetables and fruits and lent a hand for other various tasks around … Continued

Habitat 2017: Wednesday – Accomplishment

  March 8, 2017  Monaye Jackson For me, Wednesday was the best day of the week during Habitat so far. It was also the most productive. The team traveled to Sue’s and Mr. Sherman’s houses, and we accomplished a lot of different tasks involving yard work and power washing.  However, throughout the week, I believe … Continued