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Lourdes Works Mentoring

Lourdes Works

Have you always wanted to help students preparing to graduate and transition from Lourdes University into their career field?  In response to the increased unemployment rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic Lourdes Works was established in June of 2020 as Mentoring Program created to assist students with obtaining career placement post-graduation. The project is a joint venture with the Lourdes University Office of Alumni Relations and Career Services. Identified mentors are Community leaders and Lourdes University Alumni.


The Role of a Community Mentor

The main role of a mentor is to share knowledge of their specific industry, provide perspective, to open doors, and to introduce their protégé to their organization, network, and clients (if possible). By blending a mentor’s experience and perspective with a student’s self-assessments and academic learning, the mentor provides their mentee with a unique opportunity to build confidence and talents for future advantage.

The Lourdes Works Mentoring Program is Not a Job Placement Program

A broader network of contacts, advanced career knowledge, and additional professional experiences will often be by-products of taking part in the mentoring program. The experiences and knowledge gained from a mentoring relationship have often led to the increased employability of our students

Students can request a mentor prior to graduation or until 1 year after graduation. If you are interested in becoming a potential mentor, please fill out the following form:

Job Seeking


As a Lourdes Alum you have full access to our Handshake account! Graduates May 2020 and beyond should be able to log in with their Lourdes email address. Graduates May 2020 and before will need to follow the following directions: . Handshake helps you find the jobs that you are looking for and makes it easy for employers to recruit you! We partner with Handshake to bring the

best employers to you! Create your Handshake profile and you will see the advanced options to discover your new career possibilities! You could even be contacted directly with job opportunities!

Career Counseling Appointments:

Looking for a Career Change? Contact us at we would be happy to assist you in starting the job searching process!