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Every major provides students with a set of technical and work-based skills or critical-thinking skills.

Certain professional industries prioritize an education based upon technical and work-based learning that prepares students for a specific career path.  For example, students in Accounting or Nursing programs are likely to pursue employment that their specific programs prepared them for.

On the other hand, some industries value the flexible mindset that a liberal arts education provides.  The critical thinking skills from a liberal arts background are usually encouraged in Humanities and Arts courses.

Check out these resources to see if your major has a career path in place.

Internship and Job Search Process

The internship and job search is truly a process.  For every student, this journey begins by taking deliberate steps.  Below are some possible starting points for your own internship and job search:

  • Get online—Use Google, Handshake, or ONET to learn more about a professional career path
  • Get to our office—Schedule an appointment with a Career Services Team Member
  • Get to class—Interview or meet with professors or professionals in your field-of-interest to learn a realistic perspective of the job or internship
  • Get in the field—Many employers welcome students to spend a day in their office job shadowing
  • Get to work—Follow the paths above and find an internship or entry-level position that interests you


Fact Sheet for Employers