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Chemistry & Physical Sciences

The Department of Chemistry & Physical Sciences seeks to engage students in a dynamic, challenging, and integrated study of chemical and physical principles necessary to develop scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. Through a variety of supportive learning modes, students develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that enable them to become successful professionals and scientifically responsible citizens.


Chemistry, as a pure science, explores the nature and transformation of matter. As an applied science, it seeks to provide society with the knowledge and tools to tackle pressing social problems. Knowledge of chemistry will aid students in understanding the technological society in which they live. The courses are designed to provide the student with the chemical principles and techniques that are useful in a broad range of careers, including those in the biological sciences and pre-professional programs in medicine and nursing.

The Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences offers a minor in chemistry. The Chemistry Minor can strengthen the scientific skills and foundation of students in pre-professional programs. It can also enhance the knowledge and skills for those pursuing careers in environmental science, environmental studies, biological sciences, health sciences, forensic science, pharmaceuticals, and engineering.

The Department has introduced a chemistry placement test for entrance into CHM/CHL 181 General Chemistry I. Learn about this new test.

Physical Sciences

Physical sciences address the needs of the non-science major with four course offerings. The goal is to present physical sciences as interesting human activities to those persons for whom this may be the last formal glimpse of science. In addition, the two-semester physics course provides a basic introduction, with emphasis on application and the underlying concepts essential to all technical knowledge. This mathematically based course is intended to support studies of biology, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, and various related fields.

Environmental Science Major

The environmental science major in either the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science degree is an interdisciplinary study offered jointly by the Department of Biology and Health Sciences and the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences. To learn more, see the Department of Biology & Health Sciences.


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