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Due to changes in the federal verification process, please review the following information carefully prior to submitting any documents for the upcoming academic year. Find out more about why you were selected and how to streamline the process by going to the Financial Aid FAQ page and reading the information in the What is Verification? tab.

Be aware that documents required for verification are now individual to each student. Do not complete the verification process prior to receiving notice from the Financial Aid Office. Prior to receiving campus email access, new students will receive a paper notice of required documents. Continuing students can view required documents through the financial aid links in Web Self Service. When you are completing verification, review your requirements list to determine which forms and documents you will need to submit. Only submit the documents requested.

These forms must be printed, fully completed and signed by student (and parent, if student is dependent for financial aid), and returned to the Financial Aid Office along with any required documentation. Instructions are included on the form or worksheet below.


Dependent Verification Worksheets

Independent Verification Worksheets


Direct Stafford Loans and Direct PLUS (Parent Loan) Links

U.S. Department of Education Links

Other Resources for Students and Parents