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Lourdes Alumni Scholarship

Alumni who earned a bachelor’s degree from Lourdes University can qualify for a $1,000 Graduate Scholarship when they enroll in a Lourdes University graduate degree program.

Lourdes Launch Scholarship

Undergraduate students completing their final year in a Lourdes University bachelor’s degree program, can also qualify for the Lourdes Launch Scholarship worth $500. That’s right! Lourdes alumni can qualify for a total of $1,500 in scholarships – $1,000 as a Lourdes alumnus and $500 for launching into their graduate studies prior to completing their bachelor’s degree.

The Lourdes Launch $500 scholarship offer is open to LU students who enter into a master’s degree program in the spring, summer or fall immediately following graduation from Lourdes University. Funds will be paid directly to the student’s accounts through financial aid and are not refundable to students. The award will be paid only during the first year of attendance, and will be split evenly between fall and spring semesters. The program is designed to assist students in getting started on the right track as they begin graduate school.

Check with graduate studies regarding information on graduate program specific scholarships.