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The Faculty Excellence Award which is done by student nomination only provides annual recognition to full-time faculty employees at Lourdes whose performance on the job has been exceptional and best exemplifies professionalism and dedication to the mission of Lourdes. If you would like to nominate a faculty member for the Faculty Excellence Award, please review the criteria and complete the form for electronic submission. Questions can be directed to Sr. Rosine Sobczak: rsobczak@lourdes.edu




To be eligible for the Faculty Excellence Award a faculty member must have been employed a minimum of two (2) years and have been in their current position at least one (1) year as of the first business day of the new calendar year. Past winners must wait three years before regaining eligibility. The exempt/non-exempt status, Date of Hire, and Date within current position is confirmed by the Director of Human Resources.


Selection will be based on job performance that has been exceptional and best exemplifies a dedication to the mission of Lourdes within the preceding calendar year, through the present.

Work Contributions

  • How well the nominee provides outstanding and ongoing excellence in service for the education of Lourdes students.
  • Innovative teaching strategies
  • Sensitivity to various student learning styles
  • Ability to arouse interest, motivate and inspire students with educational activities
  • Significant contributions to the department and university
  • Exceptional dedication to the job
  • Proven record of exceptional quality of work, competency of the job and exceptional productivity
  • Student recruitment and advising activities
  • Evidence of superior judgment and decision making that reflects responsibility and accountability

Personal Contributions

How well the nominee personifies the values of learning, reverence, and service.

  • Exceptional performance that exemplifies the professionalism and dedication to the Mission of the University
  • Exceptional interpersonal relations with colleagues, faculty, staff, students and members of the public, including outstanding teamwork capabilities and promotion of positive morale

Additional Contributions

How well the nominee brings honor and recognition to the University.

  • Service to the university (nominee participation/leadership in governance organizations such as Senate, committee work, or Task Force membership)
  • Volunteer/Community service

As you make your selection of who you believe best exemplifies the above criteria, we recommend that you provide some detail, as well as examples.


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