The first time I visited Lourdes, I sensed a place that combined the beauty of nature, stunning architecture, and an academic environment where everyone was encouraged to excel. I was thrilled to be offered a position in Admissions and have been a part of that team since 2001. During my time at Lourdes, I have seen exciting changes in our students, tremendous enrollment growth, and now the addition of intercollegiate sports. Activities abound, student support services are readily available, and included among our faculty are some of the most outstanding individuals I know. My responsibilities in Admissions include working with transfer students aged 25 and older, Post-Secondary Enrollment Options, Michigan Dual Enrollment, and High School Scholars. I am happy to meet prospective students, parents, guidance counselors, and anyone who wants to learn more about Lourdes. Having been a non-traditional student myself, I know what it is like to juggle job, family and school. As the mother of two daughters in college, I can share my experiences in college searching, finding the right fit, and financial aid. Whether providing information on the admissions process, scholarships or careers, I am dedicated to assisting students with achieving their educational goals.