Why I Chose Lourdes:

When I was a senior I decided to come to Lourdes because I could live on campus but still be close to home. I also decided to come here to Cheer and because of the smaller class sizes. I was a student worker for the Admissions office, where I was able to meet more people on campus and become more confident and outgoing.

I was really happy to come back to Lourdes and be a part of the community again! What made me interested in being a part of the Financial Aid department was to be able to help students and answer the questions that I never asked! It’s important for students to understand their options and how their decisions will affect them after graduation!

About Me:

I’m a mom and the head cheer coach at Northwood High School, so both keep me very busy. But in my free time I enjoy painting, drawing, using my Circuit machine, and hanging out with my family! My younger sister is my best friend and she is currently a Staff Sergeant in the USAF. I’m also a big Disney fan, I love musicals, frozen coffee, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Fun Fact:

In 2018 I applied for the Disney College Program. After taking a test and two interviews, I was accepted into the program, with a 20% acceptance rate! I had to make the hard decision to turn down the 6 month program to focus on moving into a new home and to continue coaching.