Dr. Dale Lanigan is a well-respected peer in the academic, sociology and criminal justice realms. Having taught for more than two decades, he has led the Department of Sociology and Justice Studies since 2010, having first served as the Director of the Criminal Justice program. In his role as Chair, he meets regularly with a Sociology and Justice Studies Advisory Council comprised of judges, sheriffs, and other high-ranking individuals in the court and justice systems.

Dr. Lanigan has served as Vice President, President and Trustee of the Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education where he has organized and conducted the annual conference for many years. He has presented in several Midwest states and has appeared on numerous television network newscasts as an expert on topics such as hate and gang crimes, immigration and health care policies, electoral politics, voter turnout, faith-based services and progressive social action.

A strong community advocate, Dr. Lanigan has served on several boards and committees including an International Conference on Restorative Justice, the Toledo Correctional Institute Citizens Advisory Committee and the Northwest Ohio State Community College Law Enforcement Advisory Board. At Lourdes University, Dr. Lanigan has served on various committees and councils including the Honors Program which he helped to establish.

Dr. Lanigan received his Doctorate in Educational Sociology from The University of Toledo and his bachelor’s degree in political science from Elmira College where he graduated summa cum laude. He earned a master’s degree in theological studies from The Methodist Theological School in Ohio.


  • “The Electoral College and its Impact on Minorities” at The State of  the State Conference, Kent State University, March 2016
  • “Hate Crimes” at Toledo Public Library, October 2015
  • “Redistricting Plan for Ohio” at League of Women Voters, May 2015
  • “Examination of a Hate Crime” at The State of the State Conference, Owens Community College, March 2015
  • “Health Care Disparities” at The State of the State Conference, Owens Community College, March 2015
  • “Hate Crimes” at Rhodes State College, Lima, Ohio February 2015
  • “Voter Turnout” at Way Public Library, Perrysburg, Ohio October 2014
  • “Hate Crime Laws” at The State of the State Conference, Bowling Green State University, March 2014
  • “Levels of Religious Tolerance” at The State of the State Conference, Bowling Green State University, March 2013
  • “An Examination of Inequities in the Delivery of Health Care Services” at The State of the State Conference, Rhodes State College March 2012
  • “Immigration: History, Legislation, Concerns and the Future” at The State of the State Conference, Rhodes State College, March 2011
  • “Levels of Religious Tolerance” at The State of the State Conference,Rhodes State College March 2011
  • “An Examination of Hate Groups and Hate Crimes” at The State of the State Conference, Toledo, Ohio
  • “Gang Crimes: Motivations for, Characteristics, and Fighting Back” Whitmer High School, Toledo, Ohio  January 2010
  • “Changes in Student Approaches to Education” at The National Academic Advising Association Conference, Purdue University, April 2009
  • “Economic Issues in the 2008 Presidential Election from a Sociological Perspective” at Blessed Sacrament Church, Toledo, October 2008
  • “Student Preconceptions of Racial/Ethnic Groups and Implications for College Personnel” at Quest for Community Diversity Conference, Wright State University, April 2008
  • “A Discussion of the Tradition and Future of Faith-Based Services and Progressive Social Action” at the Social Welfare Action Alliance Conference, Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, June 2006

Panel Presentations

  • Lifelong Learning Debate on United States Foreign Policy, Lourdes University, January 2015
  • Gun Control Debate, Lifelong Learning Forum, Lourdes University January 2013
  • Analysis of 2008 Presidential Election, Lourdes University, October 2008
  • Discussion on the Impact of Faith Tradition on Political Life and Public Policy,  October 2008
  • Two Community Forums on “Race: The Power of Illusion” at The University of Toledo

Television Appearances:

  •  Appeared on WTVG-TV to discuss electoral/party politics
  •  Interviewed on WTVG news program about Ferguson, Missouri police shooting
  •  Interviewed on Lima, Ohio television station about hate rrimes
  •  Appeared on WTOL-TV to discuss presidential election (2008)


  •  Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
  •  Midwestern Criminal Justice Association
  •  Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education, Board Member
  •  North Central Sociological Association

Advisory Boards:

  •  Northwest State Community College
  •  Toledo Correctional Institute
  •  Whitmer High School Law Enforcement Program


  • Past President, Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education
  • Planning Committee for International Restorative Justice Conference
  • Organized and conducted three Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Research Conferences at Lourdes University
  • Moderated debate on The Patriot Act at National Issues Forum
  • Outside Assessor, Defiance College Law Enforcement Program
  • Member of Committee creating Honors Program at Lourdes University
  • Represented Lourdes University on Great Lakes Educational Consortium for Homeland Security Training

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Contemporary Social Problems

Urban Life & Development

Multicultural Diversity

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