Jim earned his B.A. in Politics and Government from Ohio Wesleyan University and his M.B.A. from Bowling Green State University. He has worked over 40 years as an owner, CEO and senior level executive in the automotive industry. He started his career at Dana Corporation and was a VP/General Manager of two different operating divisions during his time with the company. He started his own manufacturing company that was a tier 1 supplier to GM, Ford and major aftermarket distributors and retailers. Jim in addition to being an adjunct instructor with Lourdes owns a consulting business, Aftermarket Solutions LLC. He also is in a partnership with an international company, skyward Industrial that has launched a new startup business in the US.

Areas of Expertise: Formulation of Business Strategy and the implementation of tactics and action plans. Other areas include Global Sourcing, E- Commerce, Marketing and Category Management.

Jim has served on numerous boards including a bank, Chamber of Commerce, St. Andrews College and Epworth Methodist Church. He was recognized as an outstanding young man of America earlier in his career.

MKT 335 Marketing Management
Uses the case study method to examine strategic marketing management decisions involved in the selection of a target market and all phases of the supporting marketing mix. Emphasis is given to the marketing policies and programs of multinational corporations.

MBA 615 Strategic Marketing Management
The course focuses on the role of strategic marketing management decision making tools and skill-sets within a global marketplace. This will be achieved through extensive use of the case-study method in order to understand the diversity and breadth of serving a global consumer population while maximizing the firm’s financial objectives. Realizing that our current business environment is global, this course will examine global operations of multi-national corporations.

MBA 624 Planning, Budgeting, and Implementation
Examines the planning process at a variety of levels, but focuses on the development of business and strategic plans. The budget process is examined as an extension of the planning process. Because the planning process is often disconnected from reality and plans often sit on shelves, heavy emphasis is placed on the implementation phase.