Born and raised in Toledo, OH, I graduated from Bowling Green State University with my Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies in 2015. I’ve lived in Kentucky, Indiana and Cincinnati, but managed to somehow and for some reason come back to Toledo. And, after meeting my fiancé and buying a house during a global pandemic, it looks like I’m not going anywhere.

I am getting married on New Year’s Eve 2022! I currently attend BGSU and am working on my Master’s of Education in School Counseling. I love dogs and cats, stand-up comedy, musical theatre, watching football and hockey (Go Browns!), traveling and sleeping.

Why I Chose Lourdes:

I chose to work at Lourdes because I love connecting with students and helping them find their career passions. Go Gray Wolves!

Fun Fact:

I have 7 tattoos and I used to be a mascot.