Professor Farrell is a Higher Education marketing professor experienced in Fortune 500 marketing & sales with demonstrated success in the global automotive industry. He has experienced success in marketing strategy, marketing research, new product development, sales management, program management, CRMs, and ERP systems.

Possessing real-world experience, Jonathan focused his career on the Automotive industry. He has worked alongside leadership teams during his marketing and sales roles to grow business relationships and strategize new product development; most notably with Dana Incorporated and Lydall Incorporated. Due to technical knowledge of automotive products, he has served as a technical consultant for advertising automotive products as well. Mr. Farrell also works for his family’s business, Farrell Woodworks, thus providing a versatile experience of large and small business operations.

Jonathan earned his MBA with a concentration in global business from Lourdes University. The MBA program provided the opportunity to study abroad in Dubai to observe the impact of international cultures in modern business operations. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Lourdes University. Currently, Jonathan is deciding on his choice of a doctorate program.

In addition to corporate sales and marketing, Jonathan has focused on higher education. Initially, he became involved with professional tutoring and personal finance education during his graduate assistantship. He also specializes in developing online course delivery. Professor Farrell has been published academically as well. Today, he instructs marketing and sales students with his real-world experience while serving as the Chair of Marketing.