Dr. Lindsay Vance began serving the Lourdes community in 2021 as an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Teacher Education at Tiffin University. She is a dedicated and accomplished educator with a passion for literacy instruction, multicultural education and transformative pedagogy. Dr. Vance holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Foundations of Education from the University of Toledo, which she completed in December 2020. Her doctoral dissertation, titled “Chasing a Vision: Re-Imagining the Possibilities of Transformation in a Standards Based Language Arts Classroom,” reflects her commitment to innovative teaching approaches. She also holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor of Education in Middle Childhood Education from the University of Toledo.

With over 15 years of experience in elementary and middle childhood classrooms, Dr. Vance brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her roles in higher education; however, her contributions to the field of education extend beyond the classroom. She is actively engaged in program and course development and played a key role in aligning core literacy courses with the Science of Reading.  As an active member of professional organizations such as the Association of Teacher Educators, the Ohio Association of Teacher Educators (where she serves as Awards Chair), the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts, and the Ohio Middle Level Association, she prioritizes cultivating connections and collaboration.


Vance, L., Caniglia, J., Meadows, M. (2023). Pre-service special education teachers’ learning through recorded mini-lessons and peer review. International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education. 18(1). Modestum. 

Vance, L. (2023). Multicultural education: Transforming instruction through an anti-bias framework. In J. Keengwe (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Race, Culture, and Student Achievement (pp. 18-43). IGI Global. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-5705-4.ch002

 Vance, L., Meadows, M., Caniglia, J. (2022). Examining the efficacy of reflection and metacognitive support in high stakes testing preparation. The Learning Assistance Review (TLAR) 27(2), 131-160. National College Learning Center Association (NCLCA).



American Educational Studies Association 2017 Conference, Pittsburgh, PA

  • “Recollections of Identity and Positionality: Critical Pedagogy as a Tool for Understanding Marginality and Addressing Issues of Social Justice in Classrooms”

 Association of Teacher Educators 2017 Conference, Orlando, FL

  • “Inspiring the Future: Stories of Identity and Critical Pedagogy in the Classroom”

 Association of Teacher Educators 2014 Conference, St. Louis, MO

  • “Critical Action Research: Creating Intellectual Spheres of Energy to Address Issues of Social Justice” 



Ohio Confederation of Teacher Education Organizations 2023 Conference, Dublin, Ohio

  • “High Stakes Test Preparation: Overcoming Challenges and Improving Passage Rates” 

 Ohio Middle Level Association 2023 Conference, Sandusky, OH

  • “Science of Reading in the Content Areas: Teaching Students to Read, Write and Think Like Historians, Mathematicians and Scientists” 

 Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators, 2023, Dublin, Ohio 

  • “The Science of Reading in Middle School and Beyond: Using Literacy-Based Strategies in All Content Areas”

 Ohio Deans Compact, 2023, Dublin, Ohio 

  • “Surrounding our Communities in the Science of Reading: Enlightening Pre-Service Teachers and Building Partnerships with Local Schools”

 Ohio Deans Compact 2023, Dublin, Ohio 

  • “Improving Writing Instruction: Growing Our Partnerships”

 Ohio Middle Level Association 2022 Conference, Sandusky, OH

  • “The Science of Reading in Middle School Classrooms: Utilizing Literacy-Based Strategies Aligned with the Research”

 Ohio Middle Level Association 2021, Columbus, OH

  • “Anti-Bias Curriculum: Innovative Ways to Teach Content Standards and Inspire Social Change” 

 Ohio Middle Level Association 2020 Conference, Sandusky, OH

  • “Social Justice and the Language Arts: An Empowering Approach”

 Ohio Middle Level Association 2019 Conference, Columbus, OH 

  • “Swanton Seven Initiative: Shifting Our Culture and Climate” 



Confronting Poverty Conference 2019, Cuyahoga Community College

  • “Positionality and Pedagogical Realizations about Poverty” 

 Ecojustice and Activism 2019 Conference, Eastern Michigan University

  • “Chasing a Vision: Re-Imagining the Possibilities in a Standards-Based Language Arts   Classroom” 

 Midwestern Symposium on Teacher Evaluation 2017 Conference, University of Findlay 

  • “Narratives of Identity and Critical Pedagogy in the Classroom”

 Ecojustice and Activism 2014 Conference, Eastern Michigan University

  • “Learning from Communities: The Impact of Experiential Learning on Teachers’ Practices”

Association of Teacher Educators Clinical Fellow 2023

Ohio Association of Teacher Education-Awards Chair

​​First Year Education Mentorship Program Coordinator- Tiffin University

Faculty Advisor, Dragon Education Guild

Faculty Sponsor- Tiffin University Women’s Softball

Tiffin University Student Research Committee

Ohio Department of Higher Education Reading Standards Revision Committee

Co-Principal Investigator: Advocating for Adolescents: Boosting Literacy Instruction to Bridge

Co-Principal Investigator: Surrounding Our Communities in the Science of Reading: Enlightening Pre-Service Teachers and Building Partnerships with Local Schools


Professional Memberships

Association of Teacher Educators

Ohio Association of Teacher Educators

Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts

Ohio Middle Level Association

Middle Childhood and Adolescent to Young Adult Methods and Field Experience (EDA/M 250) 

Foundations of Education (EDU 100) 

Educational Psychology (EDU 250) 

Multicultural and Social Issues in Education (EDU 216) 

Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (EDU 221) 

Test Preparation Support (Praxis Core and Ohio Assessment for Educators)