Bob Campbell is an Associate Professor of Psychology and has been teaching at Lourdes University since 1987. After earning a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology from St. Bonaventure University, Bob spent the next three years in the doctoral program at Arizona State University where he studied Social Psychology. His research interests include behavioral economics, decision-making, dishonest behavior, eyewitness memory, interpersonal attraction, political behavior, social cognition, and exploring many of the “predictably irrational” aspects of human behavior. Some of the scholars who have influenced Bob’s research include social influence expert Bob Cialdini (his mentor at ASU), eyewitness expert Elizabeth Loftus, Nobel Prize winner Danny Kahneman, and the always interesting Dan Ariely.

Bob has been nominated for the Lourdes University Outstanding Teacher Award three times (1993, 2001, & 2013).

Bob is an avid baseball fan and participates in several fantasy baseball leagues. He and his wife Cathy reside in Sylvania, Ohio.

Scholarly Presentations

Parenting style predicts presidential politics.
Submitted for presentation at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference in Chicago (April, 2017).

Reducing academic dishonesty: A full-cycle approach.
Presented at Lourdes University, Sylvania, OH. (April, 2016).

It’s OK to change your answer: How educators can help their students.
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference, Chicago (May, 2011).

Preference for Order as a mediator of cognitive biases in financial decision making.
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference, Chicago (May, 2007).

Improving the correlation between accuracy and confidence for police officers engaged in a cross-race identification task.
Presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference, Chicago (May, 2003).

The effects of intra-element multidimensionality of traits and relations on Subject-Verb-Object judgments.
Presented at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association annual conference, Tucson (April, 1985).

Police Training

Bob trained Sylvania, Ohio police officers on a US Department of Justice publication entitled “Eyewitness Evidence: A guide for Law Enforcement.” This training was designed to improve the techniques used by law enforcement when questioning an eyewitness to an accident or crime so as to produce more accurate eyewitness testimony (October, 2001).

Professional Affiliations
Bob has been a member of a number of professional societies for over twenty years. His memberships include the American Psychological Association: Division 8 (since 1995), the Midwestern Psychological Association (since 1994), the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (since 1994), and his favorite professional society, the Society for Judgment and Decision Making (since 1999).

Professional Subscriptions
Bob subscribes to a number of academic journals including Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (since 1995), American Psychologist (since 1995), Personality and Social Psychology Review (since 1997), the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied (since 1997), and the Journal of Behavioral Finance (since 2000).

Academic Conferences
Bob regularly attends both regional and national conferences. He is a regular attendee at the Midwestern Psychological Association annual conference in Chicago having attended fourteen times over the past twenty-five years. He attended the Western Psychological Association annual conference on two occasions, in Kona, Hawaii (April, 1994) and in Vancouver, Canada (November, 2003). Bob attended a conference at St. Bonaventure University entitled “Franciscan Academics in Conversation: Exploring our Intellectual Traditions as a Resource for Mission” (June, 2006). He attended the 20th Annual Lilly Conference on Teaching at Miami University in Ohio (November, 2000). Bob also presented at the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association annual conference in Tucson, Arizona (April, 1985).

Scholarly Talks
Bob enjoys attending talks given by nationally recognized scholars. Some of the more memorable talks attended include Bob Cialdini at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (October, 2009), Elizabeth Loftus at the University of Akron (May, 2015), Phil Zimbardo at the University of Akron (October, 2015), and John Haught at Lourdes University (October, 2016).

Journal Reviews
Bob served as a reviewer for the Social Cognition section of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology from 2001 through 2003.

Lourdes Committees
Bob served on the Institutional Review Board (IRB) from its inception in 1994 through 2002. Bob was a member of the Rank and Promotion Committee from 2001 through 2008, serving as the Chair from 2005 through 2007. In 2008 Bob joined the Program Review Committee where he served through 2012. In 2012 Bob returned to the IRB where he continues to serve.

Faculty Senate
Bob was elected to Faculty Senate at its inception in 2000 and served through 2003, including as Senate President during the 2002 – 2003 academic year. Prior to the creation of Faculty Senate he was a member of Faculty Council for several years.

Department Chair
Bob served as interim Psychology department chair during spring semester 2008 and again during fall semester 2009. He became permanent chair in spring 2015 and served through fall 2016.

Literacy Volunteer
From 2001 through 2009 Bob was an “Ohio Reads” and “Sylvania Reads” literacy volunteer working one on one with elementary school children helping them to improve their reading skills.

PSY 110 General Psychology

PSY 222 Research and Statistics I

PSY 225 Research and Statistics II

PSY 310 Human Learning

PSY 311 Cognition

PSY 360 Social Psychology

PSY 411 Personality Theories and Dynamics

PSY 460 History and Systems in Psychology