Dr. Beach joined the Lourdes University Department of Biology and Health Science Faculty as Assistant Professor in 2018 after one year as Visiting Assistant Professor. Prior to her full-time appointment Sandy taught part time for several years at various colleges in NW Ohio.

Sandy started her academic career in biology research, starting with exercise physiology as an undergraduate. Her research projects have included virology in plant models, genetic and molecular studies of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in veterinary medicine, and the molecular biology of cancer. Her present research interests remain wide-ranging, but primarily include molecular/cellular biology and pathophysiology.

When not in class Dr. Beach can usually be found in the labs helping students with experiments as well as mentoring lab teaching faculty. She enjoys finding ways to integrate interesting technology and practical lab skills in her labs and lectures to keep student’s native curiosity about the natural world alive.

Ph.D., Biomedical Science, Medical College of Ohio (University of Toledo Medical College)
M.S., Biology, Molecular Track, University of Toledo
B.S., Zoology, Miami University
B.A., Zoology, Miami University