Spring term is always an exciting time for our Senior Tau Scholars. Each of them took some time out of their hectic schedules to share a few reflections about their time at Lourdes and their future plans. 

Name: Kendra Duling

A smiling young woman

Home city: Ottawa, OH

Major: Early Childhood Education

First enrolled at Lourdes: August 2016

Primary focus as a Tau Scholar: I wanted to grow closer to my faith. I joined Campus Ministry in hopes it would give me a new perspective of my faith, and it definitely has surpassed that. I grew closer to my faith through people and helping others. I made an impact on others through my own faith and was able to share that with the campus and other students.

Highlight of your time here: My favorite part about being a Tau Scholar has been the opportunity to grow as an individual and become part of something that can influence others. I was so shy starting my freshman year, leaving home for the first time and coming alone. Now, I became a Tau leader and helped create events that have become favorites among students.

A favorite experience while a Lourdes student: My favorite part while being a Lourdes student has been getting to be in a classroom to observe or start teaching. This has helped me truly see what a real classroom is like and what all goes into being a teacher. Another favorite of mine is living in the dorms. I have built a lot of friendships through getting to know others on campus.

What do you hope to do with your degree? I plan on teaching in my own classroom; a first grade classroom would be my dream. I want to be able to help children learn to love learning and find connections with everything they learn. I will have my teaching license in pre-k through third grade, I plan on getting the endorsements necessary to teach forth and fifth grade also.

Other message for students and/or future Tau Scholars: Make as many memories as possible. College is such a short time and you will do so much during that time, remember these times and learn from them. Every memory can be a time to grow and experience a new thing. Even bad memories can still be good ones if you look at them in a positive way.

Honors that you’ve received:
• I am a part of the Lourdes Education Honors Society, Alpha Zeta Kappa.

What do you like to do as a hobby or in your free time? I love to read, even though since being in college that has not occurred a lot. I also love to paint, take walks with my mom and dog, hang out with friends and go shopping!

Other activities you’ve been involved while at Lourdes: I participated with Love Your Melon. I worked at the campus library for 3 ½ years and was a student tutor for a semester.

Something Profound that you want to say: “Daniel slept in the lion’s den. Peter slept in a prison. Jesus slept in a storm. No matter your circumstance, you can always take a nap.”


Kendra will be completing her Education Field Experience this Fall and graduating in December 2020.

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