Today has been my favorite so far. We had mass this morning at the Basilica of St. Clare. We had mass in the crypt underneath the church where St Clare's body is. This church also holds the San Damiano crucifix. This is the first time I have truly felt a connection with it. The cross is suspended from the ceiling at an angle. The halo around Jesus was impressive. I love the main church. It is described as a women's church. All the stained glass images in main church were of females. St. Francis is the only man and he is over on the side wall. We had extra time to spend reflecting. We came back to our hotel Jean Francis gave us a lecture on St. Clare. Then it was time for Pranzo! (lunch). Again the food was amazing!! Pasta, chicken, potatoes, salad and finally fruit for dessert. Time to get ready for lecture. Will tell you more later about our afternoon adventures!

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