Detroit airport was a breeze. Laurie had some issues with ticket and boarding pass and was told she would have to check in once in Chicago to get boarding pass.

Ready to fly!

Chicago was rather exciting. We stood in line for over two hours to get her ticket all set. During this time the NATO delegates started showing up. Lucky for us the flight was delayed an hour or we wouldn't have made it! Then plane was delayed for a second hour. The prime minister of the Netherlands and his group were on our flight!!

Flight over to Amsterdam was long and very little sleep occurred. You should have seen us racing through airport to catch final plane to Rome. Yes, even Sr. Rosine!!!!

Marijn was our new friend who accidentally joined our pilgrimage. We had one more person on the bus than was on the roster. He is going to meet up with his group and pick the group that is more fun to hang out with. How can it not be us???

Our first view of Assisi

Had our first Italian dinner. Pasta, salad, and turkey! Yummy!

Did a late night run for gelato. Could become a nightly ritual.

Thanks for the prayers and support!!!

View from our hotel roof — breathtaking!

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