ColoseumToday began bright an early with breakfast at 6:30. From there the entire group went to St. Peter's Basilica for mass at the tomb of Blessed John XXIII. Sr. Rosine was a Eucharist Minister and Mallie was a reader here (how cool is that!). Following our service, we were given a historical lecture through St. Peter's. We all agree this is not a bad place for a tomb for a fisherman!!!!

After that, everyone was free to go off on their own and explore. Laurie, Mallie, and Alisa went with a group to see the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum. Can't come up with the right adjectives to describe it…… Breathtaking, sensational, amazing, beautiful, sacred…… These don't come close!!!

Sr. Rosine got on a bus and went on the Christian-Roma tour. She saw the Coliseum, church of St. Mary Maggiore, the Parthenon, the Imigrante Museum, the National Museum, and a fountain!

The walkers in the group (Holly and Karen) decided they needed to push themselves today. First they walked to the top of St. Peter's (WELL over 500 steps) and ran into two campus ministers from BGSU. Then they pilgrimed along the Tever River to the Coliseum and the Forum. They walked over 11 miles today. ( I am exhausted just blogging about it!)

We all met back up at 4:00 to go to St. John Lateran Church. We had a beautiful prayer service in the church chapel. We actually sat in choir stalls that are not open to the public. On the bus ride back, they took us up a hill so we could look over the entire city (wow!). Dinner again was amazing. The entire group is now on patio sharing vino and friendship. We are truly a fraternitas!

Dome St PetersFraternities Pilgrims

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