We awoke this morning to the swallows singing outside our windows and fog over the city. We had a quick breakfast and then were off for a walking lecture. We started in the Piazza and then went to the “New Church.” Keep in mind this church is way older than most of our churches. Then we went to where St. Francis was believed to have born!

sign sign 2

The next stop was San Damiano. Three of us walked and three chose to ride taxis there (you can guess who chose what). We had some free time in afternoon. We chose to take a tour underneath the Piazza Commune. It is the Roman excavated public square. We did a little shopping and then a little resting before we had a lecture at 5:00. We were then split up in to groups for discussions. What an awesome experience! Of course Karen's groups was the loudest (ok to be honest Alisa was maybe the reason). We had a wonderful dinner and then went out for another gelato!! Yes we might be addicted!

Group Statues

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