It is unbelievable right now that I can sit in a pub in the afternoon enjoying music and company at noon, while I work on my paper. After only being here three days I am in love, it's everything I thought it would be and more!

The class time we had at school did a great job of preparing me for the trip, giving insight and advice. I wasn't nervous or apprehensive at all about the interactions I would have once we got here, only because I work in customer service and have to interact with people on a daily basis. When we first arrived at the airport in Shannon I couldn't wait to get outside and see everything, to compare my expectations to reality. My idea of how Ireland would look was not too far from actuality, because I have seen pictures and such, a positive of the internet.

From a cultural perspective I would like to bring back the strong sense of community,  togetherness, and pay-it-forwardness I keep seeing all around. I always acknowledge people when I'm walking by or driving even and rarely do I get a response, but here its a whole different story: Everyone says hi and waves. Its nice, and I appreciate it!

I notice the community is very tied to church and religion, and I think that plays a part in the togetherness that exists, like America used to be. It was funny to read the story Unholy Living and Half Dying to see first how Mr. Cardew, reluctantly went to the aid of his landlady and vice versa and then when she was nursing him back to health how she put the holy water and the palm on his mantle. In the states one would not be so forward.

I see so much more of the community feeling and friendliness here in Tullycross and that would be what I want to take home the most.

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