Craft Beverages major working at internship site in brewery

The Lourdes University Craft Beverages program received several awards at the Henry County Fair on Saturday, August 14, 2021 and at the US Open College Beer Championship, September 6, 2021. The program submitted their Cream Ale and British Pale Ale, and took second place for the Hybrid Beers category and third place for the English & Commonwealth Ales category at the Henry County Fair in Napoleon, Ohio. After competing in the US Open Beer College Championship for the first time, the program took home three awards: silver medal for Basement Imperial Stout, bronze medal for Kristol Cream Ale, and bronze for Strawberry Clare.


“I am proud of the Craft Beverage Science students, Nathan Von Seggern, Jacalyn Duncan, Aaron Lenz, and Richard Kotnik that designed and brewed the winning recipes. The evaluation sheets from the judges will help the program to improve on their recipe development and brewing techniques. The Lourdes University Craft Beverage Science program placed 6th out of the top ten brewing colleges and universities that entered the 2021 US Open College Beer Championship.”- Jeffery Groth, Assistant Professor, Craft Beverage Program


Full Bodied Degree at Lourdes University

In 2019, Lourdes University became the only University in the United States to offer a Full-Bodied Degree Program. Designed to meet workforce demands, the Bachelor of Science in Craft Beverages prepares budding microbrewers, distillers and vintners to master the art, science, and business of this growing industry.

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