Dr. Terry Keller, Lourdes University Provost, is pleased to share the following faculty emerita appointments.

The University’s Rank and Promotion Committee reviewed and supported the appointment of Emerita status to two retiring faculty.

Christine Boudrie

Dr. Christine Boudrie, Associate Professor, Emerita

In recommending Dr. Chris Boudrie for Emerita status, colleagues noted her service as department chair, member and chair of the FLPD committee and currently CPR. Clearly, in her University service, Chris has not shied away from hard work that has a significant impact across the institution. Chris has also been an active representative of Lourdes in the broader community, delivering professional presentations at the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society and the Northwest Ohio Annual STEM Conference and participating in the IUPUI Assessment Institute, to name a few. Chris is a collaborative and collegial colleague, and several members of the Rank and Promotion committee added their personal stories about Chris’s positive impact on our University community in their evaluation of this recommendation. For these reasons, the Rank and Promotion Committee strongly supports conferring the title of Associate Professor, Emerita on Dr. Christine Boudrie.


Joyce Litten

Dr. Joyce Litten, Professor, Emerita

Dr. Joyce Litten has achieved the highest rank available, Professor, in her time a Lourdes. This accomplishment demonstrates her significant contributions in each element of the faculty role—teaching, scholarship, and service. In recommending her for Emerita status, her colleagues noted her distinguished work as a teacher, department chair, and now Dean of the College of Social Sciences. Joyce is also described as an “accomplished academic” and her history of publications and presentations is enhanced by her ability to “translate her academic work into action by supporting the community at large.” Joyce has served on several community boards that serve local public school systems where she uses her deep expertise in her field to serve families in Northern Ohio. Joyce’s recommenders state that she has often exhorted others to “judge us by the work we do.” In judging Joyce by her work, it is clear that her contributions to the University and her community make her worthy of the honor of Emerita status. For these reasons, the Rank and Promotion Committee strongly supports conferring the title of Professor Emerita on Dr. Joyce Litten.


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