Dr. Terry Keller, Lourdes University Vice President of Academic Affairs, is pleased to share the following faculty promotions and emerita/us appointments.

The University’s Rank and Promotion Committee reviewed and supported the promotion of four Lourdes professors and the appointment of Emerita/us status to six retiring faculty.


Joyce Litten

Joyce Litten, EdD, MSSA, LISW – promoted to rank of Professor

Dr. Litten embraces the most relevant teaching modalities including the incorporation of new digital methods. With her student-centered approach to teaching, she has excelled in creating a more interactive and engaging student experience.

As a scholar, her service-oriented work has been significant as demonstrated through her work on behalf of the College of Nursing REACH Workforce Diversity Grant. In this capacity, she directly helped diverse students persist in their studies. These endeavors resulted in national presentations and a publication that is currently under review by The Journal of Transcultural Nursing. Professor Litten’s current work on the Community Accelerator Grant of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation is another example of her continuing scholarly work.

In the area of service, her appointment to the Mental Health Recovery Services Board and her work with Pathway Toledo demonstrates her commitment. Professor Litten has also made a lasting impact on University projects and committees since her last promotion which includes serving as chair and member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Robin Glaza

Robin Glaza, MSN, BSN, RN-BC – promoted to rank of Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Glaza has been active in making curricular changes in response to assessment and integrating interactive elements in her teaching to engage students including HESI case study reviews. She has also shifted CVI care from the classroom to the lab setting to provide a hands-on activity and continues to provide a student-centered approach to teaching that is creative and innovative.

Assistant Professor Glaza is currently working towards a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree which will provide her a strong basis for continuing research as well as the credential to continue advancing in her academic career.

Having served on several University committees in the College of Nursing, Assistant Professor Glaza is also active in the greater community. Her commitments including volunteering at Cherry Street Mission and serving as an educational and analytical consultant with Kidney Donor Conversations are examples of her commitment.

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose, MSW, MS – promoted to rank of Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Rose embraced the iWolf Power of Innovative Learning program developing both engaging and interactive content for her own class. She also served as a mentor and leader to First Year Experience instructors as they implemented the University initiative.

Conducting continuing education workshops at Lourdes and at St. Louis University, she has also completed continuing education hours in her field. In addition, she participated in the development and management of the Consortium for Instructional Excellence and Career Guidance Grant.

In addition to her service at the University, Assistant Professor Rose also serves as the Liaison to the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board for the Department of Social Work. In addition, she dedicates time as a reading intervention volunteer.

Jodi Speweik

Jodi Speweik, MSN, RN – promoted to rank of Assistant Professor

Professor Speweik’s student-centered approach and her excellence in teaching are evident. Through the incorporation of real-life scenarios into the course she teaches, Assistant Professor Speweik demonstrates innovative teaching methods. Completing the ACUE course, she has applied best practices from the pedagogical training into her teaching methods. Assistant

Committed to serving the community and the University, she has taken on leadership roles in the College of Nursing and on Faculty Senate, most recently as President of Faculty Senate.


Bob Campbell, M.A., honored with rank of Associate Professor, Emeritus
A 2018 winner of the Faculty Excellence Award, Associate Professor Campbell has long served as an excellent teacher in the psychology department. Throughout his time at Lourdes, he built personal relationships with students and often extended office hours to assist them in successfully completing their courses. While at the University, he served as a member of IRB, Faculty Senate and Rank and Promotion. A recognized scholar, he presented papers at regional conferences and trained police officers in the community.

Sr. Valerie Grondin, Ph.D., honored with rank of Associate Professor, Emerita
Having served as a member of Faculty Senate, CPR and the University Budget Committee, Sister Valerie Grondin has demonstrated her commitment to the University. Dedicated to educating others about important issues in the community, region and nation, she has represented Lourdes in the larger community as a Sister of St. Francis and member of the Lourdes University Board of Trustees. A strong advocate of a Catholic Franciscan education, she has utilized her connections to promote Lourdes and the education program in particular.

Therese Hoffman, Ph.D., honored with rank of Professor, Emerita
A vital member of the Lourdes faculty for three decades, Dr. Hoffman served ten of those years as chair of the sociology & justice studies department. An excellent mentor to faculty and a dedicated teacher to students, she led the HLC accreditation process before the 2006 decennial review. In the larger community, Professor Hoffman served on the Citizens’ Advisory Board of the Toledo Correctional Institution and Erase the Hate campaign and was a vocal advocate of diversity on campus through her work and leadership with the Diversity Awareness Action Committee.

Dale Lanigan, EdD, honored with rank of Assistant Professor, Emeritus
In the past two decades, Dr. Lanigan has served as an assistant professor, director of the criminal justice program, and chair of the sociology department. Considered an excellent professor in the classroom, his high standards helped students develop problem solving and creative thinking skills. At Lourdes, Dr. Lanigan served on various Faculty Senate committees and was a founding member of the Honors Council, participating in the development of the Honors Program. Outside of Lourdes, he served as president of the Ohio Council on Criminal Justice Education and as an external reviewer for other CJ programs.

Judi Nath, PhD, honored with rank of Professor, Emerita

A scholar in her field, Dr. Nath has authored and co-authored 19 best-selling textbooks in various biology disciplines. These textbook are sold throughout the globe and have been translated into several languages. She has promoted Lourdes as president of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society, one of the largest professional organizations of anatomists. A dedicated teacher, she won the Faculty Excellence Award and served as chair of the biology and health sciences department, operated an anatomy lab on the Firelands campus and served as a member of the Rank and Promotion committee. Most recently, she served as University Writer in Residence.

Sr. Rosine Sobczak, MS, honored with rank of Associate Professor, Emerita
Co-founder and promoter of the Science Alliance for Valuing the Environment (SAVE), Sister Rosine has assisted the organization in educating the greater community through environmental presentations that align with the Franciscan spirit. A dedicated teacher for several decades, she has provided personalized attention to students. Sister Rosine has represented the University in the greater community through her service as a board member of the Justice, Peace and Care of Creation committee and the Lourdes Life Lab. She also served as chair of the biology and health services department.


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